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The goals and values we set today will determine our quality of life and work tomorrow.

Sustainable into the future

The quality of your service, the responsible use of resources and the environment, and the relationship with employees and clientele are issues that form the core of our company. With our goals and shared values, we create a future that is more than fair to all parties.



Schneider & Gemsa GmbH is committed to protecting the environment and preventing environmental pollution.

With our environmental management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001, we ensure that all our activities and our employees contribute annually to achieving a measurable improvement in the results of e.g. energy consumption and waste generation.

Our holistic approach from pre-development to realization ensures that our solutions are optimized across the entire processes.



Our employees are the heart of the company, because growth and success are determined by them. Qualified and satisfied employees are our goal. We therefore promote innovative thinking, personal commitment, diversity, team spirit and independent action. To this end, we offer our employees targeted training and development opportunities in the various areas.

Through our cooperation with a supervising workshop for disabled people, we also fulfill our social responsibility.

In detail

Our Environmental Guidelines.

  • Schneider & Gemsa sets the goal to continuously improve the environmental protection and ensures the implementation of these guidelines by introducing the environmental management according to EN ISO 14001 in 2012 ff.
  • Incorporating environmental thinking and developing a sound environmental awareness in daily work for all employees.
  • Schneider & Gemsa promotes the environmental awareness of its employees and ensures that in environmentally relevant areas, training and education are provided.
  • Strict compliance with environmental laws and regulations and future-oriented action. To avoid waste and polluting emissions or reduce them to a minimum.
  • The collection of environmental data (water consumption, waste water, electrical energy) is to form the basis and transparency for a comprehensive saving of energy and resources.
  • Environmental impacts with regard to use and disposal are taken into account in procurement.

Quality planning, guiding principles & objectives.

In order for our company to assume responsibility for its services to its customers, we have developed the following quality principles.

  • Highest customer satisfaction determines our actions
  • As a quality target we strive for "zero defects" or "100% correct".
  • Each employee contributes to the realization of customer requirements in his or her own area of responsibility.
  • Promoting quality awareness is an important management task
  • Error prevention has priority over error elimination
  • The improvement of quality is a constant obligation
  • Qualification and motivation of our employees
  • We commit our suppliers to our quality requirements

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