Schneider & Gemsa

Cable assembly

Production of individual single cables up to complex cable harnesses, which are combined with electronic and electromechanical components and, if necessary, injection-molded or overmolded.

Perfectly connected.

Automotive, data, network and sheathed cables are processed in single or double crimp, with seal assembly in insulation displacement, soldering, ultrasonic and welding technology. To ensure quality, this is done with integrated process monitoring.

Overview service portfolio

  • Assembly of cable harnesses with latching, color and leakage testing equipment of our own design and manufacture.
  • Overmolding of cables and electronic components in plastics technology.
  • Manual soldering with temperature-controlled soldering irons.
  • Manual or fully automatic tinning of stranded wire ends using different, lead-free solders.
  • Assembly, soldering and testing of printed circuit boards.
  • Low-pressure potting technology (hotmelt technology).
  • Injection or overmolding of finished assemblies or products.
  • Fixing or insulating wires and components with heat shrink tubing or by taping or wrapping.
  • Micrograph analysis, electrical testing, crimp force monitoring. Printing on cables, strands, components and housings.
  • Assembly of components for electromechanical or electrotechnical applications.
  • Development and engineering support with individual consulting.
  • Layout creation and sample construction of cable harnesses for technically and economically optimal solutions.
  • Assembly and wiring of control cabinets and construction of complex ready-to-install circuit and control units for industrial electronics.

Things to know


Poka Yoke

To prevent errors, the manual activities in our production are analyzed using Poka Yoke technology.

The results of the analysis are incorporated into our own tool and fixture construction so that the possible errors are detected at an early stage or cannot occur in the first place.