Schneider & Gemsa

Assembly manufacturing

Process-reliable assembly is a cost-relevant work step in the production of assemblies - especially for systems with high quality requirements.

Professional solutions for customers from a wide range of industries

The course is set as early as the design stage for cost-effective, efficient joining of the individual components to form an assembly.
In addition to classic assembly, our technical services include welding, riveting, cutting and gluing on manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic equipment - right through to non-destructive testing, labeling and packaging of the assemblies.

With industrial contract manufacturing for third-party companies, Schneider & Gemsa GmbH provides specific professional solutions for customers from a wide range of industries, such as automotive, industrial, mechanical engineering, medical and consumer electronics. The spectrum of contract manufacturing ranges from the production of individual parts and assemblies to the complete production of end devices and complete system solutions.


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250 million

Schneider & Gemsa GmbH has decades of expertise in the fields of mechanics, electronics and mechatronics. Since the foundation of the plant in Iffezheim, more than 250 million motors, assemblies and assembled cables have been manufactured.